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Coco peat is a completely natural product and is environmentally acceptable from its sources, through processing to end use.It is guaranteed 100% organic and natural.

This is a biodegradable organic product which as approximately 96% of organic material. ( cellulose , Hemicellulose ,Lignin etc.etc.).

Coco peat, there can chances to have minor elements such as Nitrogen, potasium, mg , ca, p, etc. etc. in micro elements.Coco peat is used as a perfect organic medium to recondition soil in horticulture to germinate seeds, cuttings, seedlings , flowers and every plants, vegetables , strawberry farms, green houses,Lawn laying etc .
Advantages of Using Coco Peat
- Environmentally very friendly
- Need no great or vermiculite
- A waste becomes a resource
- Easy to wet and re-wet
- Rigorous quality control
- Retains and release nutrients
better than most composts
- Easy to move, stock, and store
- Compatible with ericaceous plants
- Clean and pleasant to handle
- High Carbon: Nitrogen ration
- High water holding capacity
The Tree Of Life

For the people of srilanka, the coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera) in one tree that they cannot do without. The coconut palm is part of all the day to day activities. From using the palm leaves for thatching the roof of cottages ,to the roots for medicinal purposes, the coconut tree gives the people a boost of life.

The coconut tree Produces approximately 60-150 Nuts annually. It takes a nut 9 to 12 months to mature and knowing no season , a tree produces coconuts, all the year round. A prime drinking nut will hold almost a quart of a refreshing thirst quencher.

The meat of the coconut is used for cooking and Medicinal Purposes while the shell comes in handy for turning out ornamental ware. The trunk of the tree is used for rafters and beams and for furniture which has a very unique grain that runs through In srilanka, the coconut flowers are arranged in clay pots for auspicious occasions as a sign of prosperity.

Physical and Chemical (water soluble) properties
of coir fibre pith(coco peat)
Raw Material
- pH
- Ash(dry basis %)
- Cationc exchange
- Carbon Nitrogen ratio
- Chioride(mg/1)
- Total organic
   matter(W/W, drybasis%)
- Air filled porosity(% v/v)
- Total pore space(% v/v)
Normal value or Range
5.5 - 6.5
3 - 6

60 - 130
80 : 1
50 - 250

94 - 98
20 - 30
10 - 20
94 - 96

( Colour - Light to Dark Brown )

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